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★ Image Hosts: ★
Hey, all.

As of right now, ImgSpice.COM is down, and I don't think this has anything to do with site maintenance.
I cannot connect with ImgSpice, and from what I can see on this board, all of the ImgSpice gallery topics/previews are dead.
This leads me to believe that IS is either permanently down or in a transition phase that would cause all of their uploaded content to be deleted/removed.

We ask that all members who use ImgSpice review/update your posts with a different image hosting.  For now, we will hold off on removing topics from any of the Galleries forums.
We will update you of any changes with ImgSpice.
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Can't remember where but i read that some of these image host's employ the use of some sort of AI tech/software that specifically targets images that breach their TOS....pretty wild.
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Site is online for me, but after they ban my account and remove my images, I never access ImgSpice again.
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I.S. seems to be up and about again...for now i guess??
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(July 2, 2022, 01:26 AM)babelover Wrote: I.S. seems to be up and about again...for now i guess??

Sorry, folks, for any inconvenience.  Yes, ImgSpice is back online, and apparently, all of the members here who use this host, their images have all been restored.  I guess they were under some kind of maintenance, however, the admins are still banning a lot of images from being uploaded.

If IS does this again, no topics/posts will be removed and we'll allow the images to be restored.  I, personally, am responsible for any topics/posts that were removed due to this issue, and again, I do apologize for any inconvenience to everyone, especially the members whose posts I removed. Sad 
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My account was just banned from an administrator with ImgSpice.  They had not sent me an email with a notification as to why it was banned, nor am I allowed to review their TOS, FAQ, and Contact Support.  The last set of images I uploaded to them was of the NS-Krystal Models, I and II (set/video previews), so I assume this to be the reason they banned my account.

Some members here still use ImgSpice for monetary reasons, and this is why I decided not to ban them from TMF.  I did, however, add a word of warning to the host, which you can see here: Allowed File Hostings, Image Hostings, and Redirectors:
Quote:ImgSpice - Warning: Hosting administrators have been known to ban accounts for no reason, use with caution.

My guess is that certain studios, and the age of the models, may have detrimental effects on members' accounts.  If you wish to use the host, my advice is to take caution and avoid uploading the following:
  • Models under the age of 14 (child models),
  • agencies/Studios that were taken down due to Child Exploitation and/or CP i.e., Newstar, TPI, Brima, etc..., and
  • a mix of NN/semi-nude model images, especially if -18 models are thrown into the gallery of images.  An example of what I mean by this is an album of images of a model that spans her career from a child to an adult model i.e., Candydoll Eva (Child) > Silver/TMTV Eva (adolescent) > OnlyFans Eva (adult/nude).

I may be wrong with this so, if anyone has the correct information, I'd be happy to hear it, TIA. Wink 
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Hopefully other image host's don't do the same, imagespice was quite unfair with regards to 'ur account taces23
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This is currently the only NN forum that insists on using image hosts that aren't just malvertisers, click-farmers, viruses, whatever the hell "voyeur house" is, endless pop-ups that set off our anti-virus software, and cryptocurrency vaginas.

I'm nobody here, but can I be so bold as to ask that we keep it this way?
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It's unfortunate that some of our partner sites have become littered with exactly what you're talking about.
I doubt that kind of rubbish will ever be allowed to take place on TMF.
Our team takes great pride in keeping this forum running at a certain standard and you clearly appreciate that.
Of course nobody''s perfect, so if we/i slip up sometimes i'm sure you'll go easy on us.. Big Grin
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Better response on post RE: Image Hosts:
Sorry, Octigen and babelover, for merging your topic into this one.  I felt the two topics were of similar interests and decided to merge them and update the thread subject from ImgSpice to Image Hosts:

Babelover is right, we (TMF) do want to keep this forum as clean/safe as possible, without the use of hostings that allow malware to flow through them.  I think we see more malware ads within a lot of image hostings due in part that more of the major hostings like Imgspice and Pixhost, just to name a couple, are not allowing certain NN models to be uploaded to their servers, and this results in some of our members uploading to the lesser-known hosts that allow the malware.

We (TMF) must have preview images for files that get posted in our community.  3-6 preview images are what's needed for the file, and if 1 or 2 of those images get banned, a member can use an image host that allows malware ads in place of the previous ones, this is not a big issue.  But it's the Gallery forums where this poses a problem, whereas, if one image gets banned, all the images of that particular set get banned, and when a member is forced to use a lesser-known image host, this would be problematic for the downloader/viewer.

Galleries are our "Bread-N-Butter" in this community, they are what a lot of our members post here.  There is one of three things we can do about this situation, and neither of them will complement all of the members of TMF, the following suggestions are for the Gallery forums and issues with the Image Hostings:
  • We could update the rules and ONLY allow 18+ yo models to be posted and do away with our NN Models Gallery Section,
  • we could ban all Agencies/Models that were involved in CE/CP in some form or another, this means the banning of NS/TM, ALA, Webe Web, Chemal&Gegg, and Candydoll (yes, they were once a subject of CE) and ONLY allow the unaffected Agencies like Dream Studios and Vladmodels,
  • or we could just delete ALL of the Gallery forums and only allow files to be posted.

A lot of our members like to post "Gallery" sets/images and from all of the changes within the image hostings, a lot of the lesser-known hostings on our approved list do not allow malware to flow through them, only a handful of them do.  Although I don't see how we can avoid malware ads from those few hostings, other than enabling Adblockers, we actually need them, as they would allow what images some of the other hosts do not.

Hosting companies are banning images out of fear and reprisal, not by law, and that's their right to do so.  But for us to continue with what we love, we'll just have to adapt to the times and accept what is given to us.  If a member wants to download a Gallery set but is not to be hassled by popup ads, that member can download it from the model's topic.  I understand that a lot of the file links are "Premium Only" but one can ask the OP to provide a "Free Link" for the file(s).
My Pass if needed: Y-NOT
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