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★ Forum Permissions For New Users ★
Better response on post Forum Permissions For New Users
This is a sharing community!

As of June 01, 2021, posting comments in other members' threads, participating in discussions in the Chat/Support sections, posting requests, etc, is a privilege that must be earned.
Some features and many sub-forums are invisible/inaccessible to newly registered members and users with less than 20 posts. To have full access, you must wait at least 7 days from registration, and contribute with at least 20 content posts (no comments nor requests) in the sub-forums to which you have access. Those posts will need to be reviewed & approved by a moderator before they will appear publicly.
Your 20 content posts MUST each contain at least the following:
  • For downloadable photosets: minimum 3 preview images, posted as clickable thumbnails, on an allowed image host & a download link for the archive/file,
  • For downloadable videos: minimum 1 preview image, posted as clickable thumbnails, on an allowed image host & a download link for the archive/file,
  • For image galleries posted in the Galleries sections: the full photoset is posted as clickable thumbnail images linked to the full-size images on an allowed image host. Remember to search before posting to avoid duplicates (they will be deleted).
  • For image galleries posted in the Jailbaits sections: a minimum of 6 images per post posted as clickable thumbnail images linked to the full-size images on an allowed image host. (Duplicate posts & posts that duplicate images from other posts in the same thread will be deleted. Threads containing images obviously culled from other Jailbaits threads in this forum & re-posted will be deleted and the member banned).
  • All images/previews must be at least 180 px in size.
Important: if you post comments/replies/requests in any thread on the forum before you have met the aforementioned requirements, those comments/replies/requests will be deleted. If you persist in posting only comments/replies/requests before said requirements, you will be banned.
After 20 content posts, and the 7-day waiting period from your registration, you'll be able to navigate through all forums & access all features. This is necessary as some people are reposting our content elsewhere and download links are taken down really fast. This measure also helps to avoid trolls, spammers, hoarders, and leeches on this board.
Arrow Those who don't want to post or don't have files to share can consider subscribing, or becoming a donator, and get full access forever.
Also, check our rules before posting. Each sub-forum has its own rules, shown at the top. Respect them to avoid warnings/topic deletion. Don't open new threads if a model topic already exists (VladModels, ThePeopleImage, NewStar, CandyDoll, TTL Models, A Little Agency, etc). Use the Reply option.
If you find a broken download link, use the "Send the User a Private Message" button at the bottom-left of the user's post (middle icon). If you consider a post illegal (or against our rules), use the "Report" button, located at the bottom-right of the user's post, so that a staff member can review/remove it.
1) Comments/requests posted by members prior to the date of this rule change (June 01, 2021) will not be affected or deleted, and will still count toward your 20-post requirement. For example, a member who joined in May 2021, and has posted 15 comments/requests since then, will only need to make 5 content posts to meet the requirement. However, until that member has attained a total post-count of 20, and has been registered for more than 7 days, any comments/requests posted will be deleted.

As of 15 Apr 2022, the Registered Members group will be denied access to the Announcements forums due to the many unnecessary, and illegitimate requests.  New members have been notified repeatedly about this issue and these requests keep showing up.  If such requests continue to be posted within the Shoutbox, Registered Members will be excluded from it as well.  Please read the rules and don't ruin it for the other members.
My Pass if needed: Y-NOT
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